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A company that thinks about nature and people

Taeheung F&G

Pure vegetable organic fertilizer and bio products that save the soil, etc.

Through environmentally friendly high-quality fertilizers

It is a reliable partner of the Korea Forest Service and National Forestry Cooperatives for the past 20 years.

We are playing a leading role in the green business of our strong mountains.

Taeheung F&G

[Korea's first tree, landscaping, horticultural fertilizer company]

To make the natural environment healthy and abundant,

We supply high-quality, environmentally friendly fertilizers such as pure vegetable organic fertilizers that improve soil and various bio products that save soil.


For trees and landscaping

Apartment, housing and park management

Eco-friendly soil modifier, top soil, organic fertilizer,

Reliable solid fertilizer with 30 years of tradition,

Odorless compost

​For home and gardening

Garden, urban agriculture, veranda crops

​Household garden soil, soil for refining, ground manure for crops,

​Certified organic agricultural products, nutritional products for flowers,

The first small packaged product in Korea

Grass only

Golf course, home lawn, park lawn

Fairway, green, slow-acting fertilizer,

Products that enhance disease resistance using microorganisms

#Taeheung F&G

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