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Worrying and researching to make the natural environment healthy and abundant

We know that it is very important and valuable to save all life on Earth.

Taeheung F&G Co., Ltd. was the first company in Korea in 1999 to specialize in tree landscaping fertilizers.

Open the door and continue to grow until now.

Make nature healthy and abundant


For healthy trees and grass

Taeheung F&G Co., Ltd. is a pure vegetable organic fertilizer and
Eco-friendly, high-quality products such as various bio products that save the soil
Fertilizers have been used by the Korea Forest Service and
We have grown into a reliable partner.


Various types of solid fertilizer, fertilizer for overseas plantation, for trees only
Slow-release fertilizer, fertilizer for salt landfills, customized for local soil
Soil conditioner, domestic small box fertilizer and various eco-friendly trees
By developing fertilizer, the lives of people, nature, and everyone
We are working hard to be happy.


For safe crops

As urban farms and weekend farms increase,

The interest in household and small packaging products is increasing.

​High-quality customized fertilizer for each crop for balanced growth of crops .


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